Muzzleloader Hunting Whitetail Deer

Dryden, Ontario is famous for the biggest Whitetail Bucks in Canada. Adding to this is the fact that our family has lived in the Dryden area for generations. Not only are our sons and professional guides absolute experts with the local terrain, our sons run trap lines all winter long and over the years have studied where the prime feeding grounds are and where the biggest Whitetail Bucks call home.

Our guests never have to compete for prize bucks with other hunters or outfitters as our Muzzleloader hunting guests have exclusive hunting privacy in our 2000 acre private property hunting area, which is right in the heart of prime Whitetail Deer country. This prime Whitetail land is totally surrounded by wilderness.

We have tree stands set up in strategic areas all through our hunting lands, which are perfect for Muzzleloader hunting. Our tree stands are set up and the brush is cleared so Muzzleloader hunters can have a clear shot within a good targeting distance.

Hunters will be issued radios so if a guest takes a buck, they can contact us to help assist with retrieval of the buck. After a few pictures, we'll take care of your prize while you and your hunting partners are transported to another strategic hunting spot to continue hunting.

Muzzleloader Season Opens October 1 / 2005

You get 5 full days of Hunting. Arrival is on Saturday. Hunt Sunday Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and depart on Friday.

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