Hot Home Cooked Meals

After a adventurous day of Whitetail hunting, coming back to a warm cozy lodge and smelling Connie's home baked bread or fresh hot coffee will sooth your sole and make you feel like you have come home.

You will never go hungry at Whitetail Lodge because Connie will cook up a storm of delicious meals including steaks, chicken, ribs, roast beef, home made baked beans from scratch, fresh home baked bread, home made pies and pastries.

The morning starts with breakfast. We offer all your favorites like eggs, beacon, sausage, ham, pancakes, French Toast, cereal, coffee, tea or hot chocolate.

Lunches will be prepared for you to take out in the field. Please bring your own thermos if you want to bring soup or coffee with you on the hunt. Some hunters prefer to hunt only in morning and evenings so if this is the case, please tell us when you reserve your vacation so we can make plans to have a nice hot lunch waiting for you at the lodge.

Arrive on Saturday - Dinners include home baked bread and all the fixins.

Saturday - Ribs & Rice
Sunday - Half Chicken Dinner
Monday - Meatloaf or Roast Beef
Tuesday - Fresh Fish Fry
Wednesday - Pork, Steak or Ham
Thursday - Steak

Deserts will be home made pies, cakes and other popular deserts.

Depart Friday Morning

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